What Are the Research Domains of CyberPhysics?
What Are the Research Domains of CyberPhysics?

We all know from high school and beyond that the first steps in basic research are understanding scientific methods and doing literature surveys; and we all have our own unique approaches to this research, often dominated by culture. Our human uniqueness makes research so interesting.

I started this side-project “CyberPhysics” after spending a year developing software to virtualize and visualize sectors of cyberspace – an area of research which has surprisingly little funding. Then, after accomplishing “Phase 1” of this research a bit faster than expected, I developed an interest in “cyberspace as a part of the universe,” hoping to understand how cyberspace fits into the grand scheme of the universe from a physics perspective.

Admittedly, I’m weak in physics; so I’m trying to get my arms around the domain of what cyberphysics means and what are the domains of this area of research. I started with relativistic cyberphysics but soon realized I needed to get a firm handle on non-relativistic cyberphysics first. Yes, relativistic cyberphysics is more interesting, but without a solid foundation of “boring” non-relativistic cyberphysics, there is little chance to make scientific progress.

What I first found in my research was that the term “CyberPhysics” was a term which was most used by people who post and teach about physics on the Internet. That was a surprise to me! I expected more research and more deeper meaning, certainly not such a kind of childish view. Then as I dive down further, trying to figure out what is “known” and what is “not known” about cyberphysics, I found the normal “silos of knowledge” and only the beginnings of cross-domain thinking in this area.

I’m not embarrassed to start off “simple minded” in cyberphysics and to dig around to try to define the domains of science and engineering that make up cyberphysics. It’s a daunting task because each domain of knowledge in cyberphysics is a huge domain of science in it’s own right.

We are lucky to live in such amazing times.

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